Sourav Joshi’s Age, Income, Net Worth, Biography, Piyush, Family, Wiki, & More

Today, we’ll be learning about Sourav Joshi, the most popular YouTuber. Sourav Joshi, an Artist and Vlogger. His vlog videos have earned him a lot recognition.

Sourav Joshi Bio/Wiki & More

Sourav Joshi Bio
Sourav Joshi bio

Sourav, India’s largest vlogger, was also the first to reach 17 million + (in 2022) YouTube subscribers. His videos are so relatable that anyone can relate to them.

Sourav, despite being on YouTube is very straightforward and down-to earth. His family is the same. His family is a great source of inspiration for people.

Love the children, respect the elders and stay united. People love them for many reasons.

Today, we’ll learn how Sourav made it so successful by dedicating his time to his work. You will also learn many interesting facts about him.

Who is Sourav Joshi?

Sourav is an Indian YouTuber and Sketch artist. His vlog videos were more popular than his drawings. Sourav was 22 years of age and was born in the village Kausani in Bageshwar in Uttarakhand.

Who is Sourav Joshi
Sourav Joshi

He has two YouTube channels: one is an Art channel, the other is a Vlog Channel.

Let me tell you, Sourav Joshi is India’s largest vlogger. He has 17,345,678 + YouTube subscribers.

Sourav Joshi’s Papuler Video

Sourav Joshi’s Age, Income, Net Worth, Education and More

Real NameSourav Joshi
Age22 years
Date of birth8 September 1999
BirthplaceUttarakhand, India
HometownHaldwani Uttarakhand, India
EducationBFA (Bachler of Fine Art).
Name of the SchoolHisar Government High School
Name of the CollegePunjab Group of Colleges
Active Years2017
AwardsNot known
Marital StatusUnmarried
IncomeINR 25+ Lakh per Month
Net WorthINR 23+ Crores

Sourav Joshi’s Height, Weight, Hobbies & More

Height5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight56 Kg
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColourBlack
HobbiesCricket, Football and Painting.

Sourav Joshi’s Family Name

Sourav Joshi's Family
Sourav Joshi’s Family

Sourav was born in Kausani, in a family of lower-middle class people on September 8, 1999.

We will tell you where Kausani is if you don’t know.

Sourav lives with his grandparents, younger brother Piyush Joshi and cousin Sahil. Above is their photo.

Father NameHarinder Joshi
Mother NameHema Joshi
Brother NamePiyush Joshi
CousinSahil Joshi
Sister NameNot known

Who is Piyush Joshi?

sourav joshi and piyush joshi
sourav joshi and piyush joshi

Piyush Joshi, the younger brother to India’s most popular vlogger Saurav Joshi. Piyush also owes Sourav credit for his success.

People love Piyush’s innocent words and naughty behavior and they keep them interested in the video.

What is the Monthly Income of Saurav Joshi?

Saurav Joshi is now one of India’s most popular vloggers. They also receive sponsorship from top companies. Let’s just say that Saurav is an expert at drawing and is now standing in this spot today. Drawing is what gave him his identity.

You must be a Sourav viewer to know that each video gets over 5 million views. Sourav also has two YouTube channels. However, he isn’t as active on his second channel. His arts channel still has more than 2.5 millions subscribers .

Sourav is much more active on his YouTube channel, which has over 17,000,000+ subscribers. He will upload the video almost every day. This is how much Sourav would have made from YouTube ads.

Let’s say that Saurav makes more than 20 million+ every month. This amount is earned from various sources, including promotion, youtube ads and album songs.

Sourav Joshi’s Net income/Worth

Every day Saurav Joshi uploads vlog videos and the views are in the millions. Sourav, India’s largest vlogger, has more than 17,000,000 subscribers. He also receives huge sponsorships which help him earn a lot.

Sourav makes more than 20 lakhs a month through YouTube and promotions, based on his monthly income.

Let’s tell you, the net worth of Saurav Joshi has been estimated at $2.62 Million US dollars. Sourav Joshi earns approximately INR20 Crore in Indian rupees.

Monthly IncomeINR 25+ Lakh
Net Worth$2.98+ Million
Net Worth in RupeesINR 23+ Crores
Source of incomeYouTube and Promotions

Sourav Joshi’s Social Media Accounts

Sourav began his journey in July 2017. In July 2017, Sourav uploaded his first YouTube video. Today, he is the most popular vlogger in India.

Sourav’s vlog channel was inspired by Vlogger Flying Beast. He used to work for Art Channel before he started vlogging. He used to have very few views and very few subscribers on Art Channel.

His channel address was almost demonetized twice due to non-verification. He did not give in to his frustrations and continued to do his job.

Sourav has been a success because he treated the same patient. One thing we should never forget is that there will always be difficulties in our lives. However, we don’t have to fear those difficulties. We just have to face them head on.

Sourav has over 1.7 million Instagram followers. He has two youtube channels: one for art and another for vlog videos. She has 2.5 subscribers on Art Channel, and 10.2 million subscribers on Vlog Channel.

InstagramVisit Here
YouTube Vlog ChannelVisit Here
YouTube Art ChannelVisit Here
FacebookVisit Here

Sourav Joshi’s Early Life/Life Story

His father, who had arrived in Delhi to find work two years prior to Sourav’s birth. He tried to find work but couldn’t find any. So he became a laborer to help pay the family’s expenses. Sourav’s father worked very hard to support the family’s expenses.

After a few years living in Delhi, Sourav and his family moved to Hansi (Haryana). Sourav’s father, Sourav, started POP work in Hansi. His father earned a decent living from this work. He was able to buy a house in Hansi as the result of years of hard work.

Hansi was not the only one who had changed houses. His father’s work was done in many places.

Sourav Joshi’s Education

Sourav excelled in his studies, but he was not able to complete his schoolwork due to frequent changes. Sourav had a dream to get into IIT while in school. However, his 12th grade marks were not good enough. His dream of becoming an IITian was canceled because of this.

Sourav began to worry a lot about the future. He couldn’t understand how to proceed. Sourav sought out advice from others regarding his future studies. A relative advised him to prepare for architecture.

This advice was a hit with Sourav, and he decided to go to Delhi to get it. He had learned a lot from his coaching experience in Delhi but was not selected for any job.

Sourav’s drawings had improved greatly, but he returned home because there was not enough selection from Delhi. Sourav continued to work hard, but he was not satisfied with his results. He began worrying about his future.

Sourav even imagined that he would do the same job as his father and help his father run the house. Sourav had a brother Shubham so he saw Sourav drawing.

Both the sketch and Sourav’s drawing were very popular with Shubham. Shubham told Sourav that his drawing and sketch were very good. He suggested that he create a YouTube channel.

Sourav Joshi’s Career (Youtube)

Shubham advised Sourav to start an Art YouTube channel. Sourav uploaded his very first video in July 2017. He made 2000 pencil-colored notes. Sourav uploaded many sketches and drawings videos within a matter of days.

However, his videos were not getting as many views. Sourav created the channel under a different name, but he later changed it to Sourav Joshi Art.

Although Sourav’s channel did not grow, he was still active. Sourav had uploaded hundreds in just a few months. However, even though he had so many videos, he still had two and a quarter thousand subscribers.

Sourav didn’t give up despite slow growth. Sourav had an idea to draw sketches of trending people one day and it proved very useful.

Sourav began making videos about trending people, and many of his videos went viral. His channel grew quickly. In a short time, Sourav had many subscribers. Sourav also used to make sketching and drawing videos. He also shared these videos with his family.

These videos were not uploaded by Sourav. After watching Vlogger Flying Beast Sourav thought it would be a good idea to upload a Vlog. Sourav, inspired by Flying Beast began uploading Vlog videos mostly to his family Vlogs.

Sourav’s channel grew quickly and was soon monetized. His channel was demonetized every time an address verification failed.

The channel was made again by him, and the second time the same thing happened. The address verification failed, and the channel was demonetized once again. Sourav didn’t give up despite so many difficulties. He made the third channel.

His channel was monetized, and he started receiving payment via YouTube. Both channels are now running smoothly.

He was also asked to teach art at school and events. Sourav was so well-known for his art, many companies began sponsoring him. He was also invited to big events.

The channel was unable to upload his Vlog video fast because he was active on the Art channel as well as attending the event. The pandemic struck March 2020, and the country was immediately locked down. Sourav was unable to leave the country during the lockdown so he started making Vlog videos.

Sourav uploaded a Vlog video entitled Drawing With My Family shortly after the lockdown began. Sourav claimed that the video went viral and that he began uploading Vlog videos every other day. His videos became increasingly popular. They quickly grew from thousands to millions, and within a matter of months they had millions of subscribers.

People loved the closeness of Sourav and his family. People became very attracted to their lifestyles and each other’s interactions. Sourav is close to his family, whether it be his mother, father, brother or grandmother. Aayush Joshi, his cousin, is the one who has helped Sourav’s channel grow.

Aayush’s cute antics and naughty antics keep children, especially, attached to his videos. It is easy to see the dedication of Sourav by the fact that he has uploaded a Vlog every day since the lockdown.

Many claim that Sourav suddenly made me watch his video. After watching it once, he became a regular viewer.

Sourav has millions of subscribers and has used millions of them. He has 17,000,000 subscribers. Sourav already has the Silver and Gold play buttons on YouTube. Soon, he will get the Diamond play button.

Sourav began Vlogging after taking inspiration from Flying Beast. Within a year, he was India’s top Vlogger.

Sourav, who comes from a lower-middle class family, has completely changed the environment in his home. He owns a large house in Haldwani and has luxury cars. He is also very capable.

FAQ about Sourav Joshi

Who is Sourav Joshi?

Sourav Joshi, an Indian Vlogger creates YouTube vlogs. Sourav was born in a family of lower-middle class people in a village called Kausani on September 8, 1999. We will tell you the location of Kausani if you don’t know. Tell us if you don’t know that Sourav Joshi is India’s largest vlogger, with 17,000,000+ YouTube subscribers.

What is the Monthly Income/Salary of Saurav Joshi?

Saurav makes more than $27000+ per month. This is an Indian rupees income Sourav earns around 21+ lakh per month.

Sourav Joshi’s (Vlog) Income Details

Saurav’s monthly income exceeds 21 lakhs if we take into account Sourav Joshi. It is more than 2.6 crores if we take a look at his income for the entire year. His net worth is therefore more than 21 crores.

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