Katie Holmes Spoke About Her Audition Experience For Her Debut Film “The Ice Storm”

Katie Holmes appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon recently, where she discussed her breakthrough feature role in Ang Lee’s renowned drama The Ice Storm. She recalled the moment she traveled to Los Angeles to audition for the job. Holmes stated:

“It was also my second day in Los Angeles and my first audition. I know I’m fortunate.”

Katie Holmes’ performance in The Ice Storm earned her significant plaudits from reviewers. The film was also critically appreciated for its great screenplay, characterization, and acting performances. During her conversation with Jimmy Fallon, Holmes also discussed her new film, Rare Objects, as well as her play, The Wanderers.

Katie Holmes discusses her first film, The Ice Storm.

Katie Holmes told Jimmy Fallon that when she arrived in New York to shoot The Ice Storm, she was 17 years old and thought to herself,

“I mean, this is exactly what I want to accomplish. Great! And then I went home and taped myself for several auditions, but I didn’t really receive anything. ‘Oh, well, that may be it,’ I thought. You never know, that may be all there is.”

Katie Holmes

She went on to say,

“But that was OK because I said, ‘You know what? That’s OK. That was an incredible event, and I can tell my grandchildren about it and be OK.’ I was thinking, “Wow, that’s fantastic.”

Katie Holmes said that she wanted more employment at the time, but that she shouldn’t be “greedy. ” The Ice Storm began Holmes’ acting career, and she went on to play a number of noteworthy parts in film and television. Holmes also discussed her upcoming film, Rare Objects, which she characterized as a story of “female companionship and healing.” She directed and co-wrote the film, and she also plays a significant part in it. Alan Cumming and Julia Mayorga also play important parts. She also discussed her passion for theater and her new play, The Wanderers. She stated she had a “great time” performing the show. It delves into subjects such as family, marriage, and death.

A brief examination of Katie Holmes’ prior works

Katie Holmes recently directed, wrote, and produced the film Alone Together, in which she also starred as June. The plot revolves around two strangers who share an Airbnb during the COVID lockdown. According to Prime Video, here’s a brief synopsis of the film:

Katie Holmes

“During the onset of quarantine, two strangers end themselves double-booked in the same upstate New York rental. Exacerbating the problem, these diametrically opposed personalities must learn to manage with one other’s peculiarities before learning they have more in common than meets the eye.”

Aside from that, Holmes has been in films such as The Secret: Dare to Dream, Brahms: The Boy II, Ocean’s 8, and many more. Among her television credits are Dawson’s Creek, Ray Donovan, and The Kennedys: After Camelot.

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