Inside Man Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And More

Who would have thought that four episodes could make for one of the most interesting series ever? That’s exactly what happened with Inside Man, and it’s no wonder that people want to know more about it. Inside Man created by Steven Moffat and directed by Paul McGuigan released in September 2022, and people are still talking about it, and more importantly, what the future of Inside Man is. If you haven’t seen it, we highly recommend watching it, because it will leave you with the same question as well.

Inside Man was the perfect drama series, short and precise, with plenty to uncover, and despite being in two locations very far from each other, they managed to connect it in the most thrilling way possible. However, the ending of the series, and the entirety of the last episode have left us with a lot of unanswered questions, and that can only mean one thing: Inside Man Season 2. So keep reading this article to find out everything you need to know about Inside Man Season 2, from the plot, to the cast, to the release date and more: 

Has Inside Man Season 2 Been Confirmed? 

Inside Man was broadcast on BBC first, and shockingly, it did not do as well as one would have expected. There could have been several reasons for this, but the majority are chalking it up to not being an entirely British experience. However, when Inside Man was uploaded on Netflix, it became a worldwide phenomenon, and that’s exactly what Netflix does best. It can either make or break a series. Now, moving on to whether or not Inside Man Season 2 will happen, as of now, there is no official news. Nevertheless, do not be disheartened because Steven Moffat has confirmed that negotiations for Inside Man Season 2 have begun.

Has Inside Man Season 2 Been Confirmed? 
Inside Man Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And More • Life Status

So far, BBC hasn’t put forth their final agreement, so their involvement is still on the fence at the moment, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that Netflix pulls through and brings us Inside Man Season 2. Although Inside Man was a mini-series per se, there is definitely scope for a sequel, and Moffat has agreed to be involved with it, as long as the audience reviews and ratings are high up for the first part. Apart from these hints and talks about a potential Inside Man Season 2, we also believe that there will be another season simply because of how the first season ended. It was the post-credit scene that made all the difference, and we’ll discuss more about that in the speculated plot of Inside Man Season 2! 

What Is The Plot of Inside Man Season 2? 

Inside Man Season 2 could take several routes, but one which is going to happen is based on the post-credit scene of the first season. In the end, we see Janice visit Grieff in prison, close to his execution. Janice tells her she has a case for him, which includes the murder of her husband, whom she claims, deserves to die. Now, in the entirety of the four episodes, Janice never mentioned having a husband and lived a very private life, with limited use of Facebook. In fact, when asked about whether or not she was married, she almost pales out for a moment and denies being married. So undoubtedly, Inside Man Season 2 will showcase Grieff taking on what could be his final case regarding Janice’s husband.

The Plot of Inside Man Season 2
Inside Man Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And More • Life Status

As for Beth and Janice, we do hope we get to see a little more of their friendship in Inside Man Season 2, and it will be interesting to know what Ben has been up to since his mother was smashed under a bus, and his father landed in prison. Speaking of the father, the vicar, the man of the hour. Inside Man Season 2 would be incomplete without him, and something tells us, despite being behind bars, he will have something to do with Janice’s case. Or maybe he just won’t be behind bars for too long. 

Lastly, at the beginning of Inside Man, we see that Grieff has made peace with his execution, but once he gets a date, fear and the reality of it all sets in. We are almost certain he’s going to look for a way to either postpone his death sentence or maybe get a really good set of lawyers. Nevertheless, we do hope Inside Man Season 2 tells us why Grieff killed his wife and where he buried her head. 

The Cast of Inside Man Season 2

Since Inside Man Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed just yet, we don’t have too much information about the cast, however, we have speculated based on the potential plot and how the first season ended. One of the main reasons people were so keen on watching Inside Man was because of David Tennant aka the Vicar who found himself stuck in a series of unfortunate events, all because of a flash drive that never even belonged to him. Tennant’s performance in Inside Man is absolutely off the chart as he portrays a range of emotions beautifully for the whole season. We truly hope we get to see him reprise the role of Harry in Inside Man Season 2, and maybe this around, he’ll be the inside man.

The Cast of Inside Man Season 2
Inside Man Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And More • Life Status

Moving along to the inside man himself, aka Grieff, played by none other than Stanley Tucci. While viewers came for Tennant, they stayed for Tucci. He was a detective on death row after he brutally murdered his wife. He had accepted his fate and in his last days, he chose to help people who came to with cases that that moral worth. Tucci’s performance was one of a kind, and we are almost certain he will be reprising his role as Grieff in Inside Man Season 2.

Other cast members that we can expect to see in Inside Man Season 2 are Lydia West as Beth Davenport, Dolly Wells as Janice Fife, Atkins Estimond as Dillon, and Louis Oliver as Ben. 

When and Where Can You Watch Inside Man Season 2?

We hope we can answer this question in the next few months because as of now there is no update on a potential release date. However, we’re hoping it’s somewhere toward the end of 2023 or the start of 2024. Inside Man Season 2 should be available to watch on BBC One and be available to stream on Netflix! 

Is There a Trailer for Inside Man Season 2?

Currently, there is no trailer for Inside Man Season 2, however, we will make sure to keep you posted with any updates regarding this! 


Four episodes in one season clearly weren’t enough for us or the audience, especially considering how gripping and riveting Inside Man was, and for that reason, we truly hope there is Inside Man Season 2 because there is plenty to explore there, and frankly, we want to see more of Tennant and Tucci working together, even if it’s through Skype. 

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