Dog Gone Review: The Perfect Feel-Good Start to 2023

If you are looking for a movie to watch today, then look no further because we have got the perfect recommendation for you. A few months ago, we spoke about the movie Dog Gone and we had high expectations from it, because who doesn’t love a movie with a dog in it? But Dog Gone has exceeded our expectations and we figured what better way to celebrate the release of a movie than by reviewing it! 

Dog Gone Review

Before we begin the review, we will tell you a little bit about the movie to brief you. Dog Gone is based on the story of Fielding, a young boy who has just graduated from college, and his dog Gonker. While things are going great with Gonker, one day he goes missing, and things aren’t looking good anymore. Gonker is on a clock and needs a shot in the next twenty days which could be the fine line between life and death. So, keep reading our review to find out everything you need to know about Dog Gone and why we think you should watch it right away! 

Dog Gone: A Range of Well-Written Characters

We know that the most important part of any movie is the characters because they build the story and help move the narrative forward. Dog Gone had some of the most brilliant characters who had a lot of depth and emotion to them. We’re going to talk about three of the main characters whom we loved the most, and just for them, we hope this movie gets a sequel someday. 

The main character in Dog Gone was Fielding. A college student who is on the brink of graduation decides to adopt a puppy. All his friends have jobs and are starting off a new life, but Fielding’s life is all about Gonker, his new dog. It is visible that Fielding has a difficult relationship with his father and himself. A lot of people can relate to this character, especially those who have graduated but haven’t found their calling in life just yet. Fielding truly cared more about Gonker than he did about himself, and it warmed our hearts on several occasions. This character taught us the viewers that it is okay to not have everything figured out all the time. That your path might look different from those around you, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Also, adopt a dog, because that definitely helps! 

Dog Gone: A Range of Well-Written Characters
Dog Gone Review: The Perfect Feel-Good Start to 2023 • Life Status

Moving along to John, aka Fielding’s father. Our first impression of him wasn’t the greatest but thankfully, that didn’t stick around for long. Despite being a worried father who wanted his son to get a job, John eventually came to terms with the fact that Fielding will live his life the way he wants to, and John letting him know that he’s proud of him is what’s important. Also, when the college boys harassed Fielding and his best friend, the way John stood up to them was truly something. We also can’t deny the fact that John is the typical dad who says he doesn’t want a dog but immediately falls in with it, and that’s exactly what happened with John and Gonker. It’s no wonder that John drove and walked miles just to find his son’s dog, who was now a part of the family. 

 Fielding's father
Dog Gone Review: The Perfect Feel-Good Start to 2023 • Life Status

Finally, the mother, Ginny. Her character probably had the most depth because we got to see glimpses of her childhood as well. Losing a dog is a traumatic experience, and Ginny has been through that once with her childhood dog Oji. Now, when Fielding ran away, Ginny was reliving the same trauma all over again because just like the other members of the family, she had also grown attached to Gonker. Ginny stays home and communicates with several dog shelters, and newspapers, and tries her best to get the word around, while also worrying about her son and husband who are out in the open. We witness glimpses of her, how close she was with her dog, and how her parents weren’t fond of it at all. In fact, one of the most beautiful scenes in Dog Gone is when Gonker returns and jumps out of the car, runs towards Ginny, and instead of Gonker, they show Oji as Ginny says goodbye to him one last time, and then proceeds to say hello to Gonker. This scene signified the closure of her childhood wounds and it was truly beautiful.

Dog Gone Review: The Perfect Feel-Good Start to 2023 • Life Status

Also, we haven’t forgotten about the star of Dog Gone, aka the dog himself, Gonker. We are certain that once you watch this movie, you’re going to drive yourself to the adoption center and get yourself a dog! Gonker was one of a kind, he was chaotic and well-behaved all at the same time. One of the most emotional scenes in Dog Gone was when Gonker was all by himself and there was thunder, which he was extremely afraid of. We wouldn’t mind another movie with Gonker in it!

Some of the Best Scenes in Dog Gone 

The scene we mentioned above was one of the best scenes of the entire movie, but Dog Gone was the kind of movie that had multiple heartwarming scenes. So, if we miss out on any of them, feel free to comment about them below!  

Starting with John and Fielding having a father-son moment at the lodge. Fielding was convinced that John was embarrassed by him and far from proud of him. However, that wasn’t the case and John made Fielding understand that. This scene particularly stole our hearts and we are certain it hit home for several people who watched Dog Gone. When the movie began, we knew John and Fielding didn’t have the best relationship, but there was room for more love, and that’s exactly what we witnessed.

Some of the Best Scenes in Dog Gone 
Dog Gone Review: The Perfect Feel-Good Start to 2023 • Life Status

John and Ginny bonding with Gonker definitely stole everyone’s hearts. Both of them seemed incredibly apprehensive about having a dog in their home and personal space, and sure, at the Gonker was a little bit of a disturbance, but the more he was around, the more they got used to him. It didn’t take long for John and Ginny to bond with Gonker, whether it was playing fetch him or feeding him food. It was after this scene that we knew that Gonker was officially part of the family. 

John and Ginny
Dog Gone Review: The Perfect Feel-Good Start to 2023 • Life Status

Speaking of John bonding with Gonker, one of the sweetest scenes was when there was very loud thunder and lightning, and Gonker hid under the bed, scared of the loud noise. John recognized this and laid down with Gonker and sang a song to him, just like he did when Fielding was a young boy. If that didn’t make you tear up a little, we don’t know what will.

One of the scenes that truly warmed our hearts was a combination of a few where anyone and everywhere came together to find Gonker, including people beyond those working in animal welfare and dog shelters. It seemed like everyone could relate to the pain of losing a pet or even the thought of losing a pet. One scene that truly sums up our emotion towards these scenes is when there is a biker gang and Fielding is apprehensive about approaching them but John does it anyway. The bikers are surely intimidating but offer help and also advise Fielding to forgive himself because he was certainly carrying the burden of losing Gonker. This scene also gave us one of the best dialogues of Dog Gone, “If you live in a bubble, you’ll suffocate.”


Dog Gone was everything you’d expect and more. This movie had fun, laughter, tears, sickness, and a little bit of everything. We are on our way to watch Dog Gone again, which is now streaming on Netflix! Do let us know in the comments what you think about this movie once you’ve watched it!

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