Top 10 Best Life Insurance Policy in India

A contract between an insurance policyholder (also known as Life Insurance) is where the insurer agrees that a beneficiary will receive a set amount of money in return for premium payments. This happens when the insured dies or after a specific period.

In exchange for premium payments to the life insurance company, you receive a comprehensive Life Insurance Policy.

Life Insurance protects your loved ones’ future by paying a lump sum, known as a Death Benefit, in the unfortunate event of a death. You may also be eligible for a Maturity benefit under certain life insurance policies after your policy term expires.

A lack of knowledge is one of the biggest barriers to widespread adoption of life insurance. Many people are confused by the sheer number of insurance products available. The majority of life insurance policies work in the same way. Therefore, you should compile a list of all your needs and then compare the insurance offers from the top insurers.

This blog contains a list of the top Life Insurance Plans in India provided by leading Indian insurance companies.

Top 10 Indian Life Insurance Policies

Now that we have an understanding of the concept, let us look at the top Life Insurance Policies India. These are the top life insurance policies in India 2022.

S.No.Plan NamePlan Type
1.Aditya Birla Sun Life InsuranceTerm
2.HDFC Life Click 2 Protect PlusTerm
3.SBI Life eShieldTerm
4.Future Generali Care PlusRural
5.Aviva i-LifeTerm
6.Birla Sun Life BSLI [email protected] PlanTerm
7.Max Life Online Term Plan plus Basic Life CoverTerm
8.LIC’s Jeevan Pragati PlanEndowment
9.PNB MetLife Mera Term PlanTerm
10.Bharti Axa Life Elite SecureTerm

Factors that Influence Life Insurance Premiums

  • Age

The premium for life insurance plans is determined by your age. Life insurance premiums are lower for younger people, but they will increase as they age.

  • Health

Your current and past health may have an impact on the cost of your life insurance policy. You may be charged a higher premium for pre-existing conditions, or if you have had to deal with a situation that could affect your current health.

  • Family Medical Background

There is a high chance that you will contract a disease from a family member. If you have any genetic conditions, you may have to pay a higher premium.

  • Types of Protection

Your choice of coverage can affect the cost of your life insurance policy. If you include riders, for example, your premium will increase. A longer term policy may result in a higher premium than one with a shorter duration. The premium can also be affected by the type of life insurance policy that you choose. The term is an example of the most affordable type of life insurance.

  • Employment Status

If you work in a dangerous job, your premium for life insurance will be higher than the average. The insurance company may charge you a higher premium for a job that involves regular chemical exposure or construction.

Best Life Insurance Policies In India.

Learn the best Indian life insurance policy.

1) Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance

Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance Policy has been voted one of the most popular Life Insurance Policies in 2022. Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance Company Limited has been formed by Sun Life Financial Inc. (a global provider of financial services) and Aditya Birla Group.

Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance is a life insurance company that has contributed to the sector’s growth and development. Their customer base includes more than 2 million policyholders. They offer a wide range of plans including protection solutions, wealth with protection solutions and solutions to health and well-being, retirement solutions and savings solutions with protection.

Its distribution network includes over 500 cities and 560 branches. There are also a little more than 85,000 advisors who have been empanelled. Additionally, there are 140 partnerships with brokers and corporate agents.

2 HDFC Life Click to Protect Plus

HDFC Life Click 2 Protect Plus is a pure protection plan that provides comprehensive protection with affordable premiums. This term insurance policy is non-linked and does not participate. It covers your family for all unforeseen circumstances.

This plan offers the most protection and features. It also includes many additional options.

3) SBI Life eShield

Another best life insurance policy is the SBI Life eShield. SBI Life eShield is a pure-term, non-linked insurance plan that can be purchased on the company’s website.

This plan provides high levels of insurance coverage at a low premium rate. SBI Life eShield can be purchased online in a few easy steps. The all-inclusive plan offers policyholders customized benefits and protects their family from unforeseeable circumstances. Additionally, the program offers policyholders a tax advantage.

4) Future Generali Care Plus

Future Generali Life Insurance Company Ltd. was formed by the Future Group, Generali group and Industrial Investment Trust Limited. Policyholders now have the option to use Future Generali Care Plus, which is a traditional pure-term plan, in order to safeguard their future.

Two options are available for this policy to enable customers to personalize their insurance and savings based on their ability pay the premium.

5) Aviva iLife

Aviva Life Insurance is regarded as one of India’s top life insurance companies. Aviva i-Life, a pure-term plan that protects policyholders in the unfortunate event they die prematurely, is designed to provide protection for their beneficiaries.

You can purchase this policy online without the help of an agent. Customers who select high Sum Assured amounts or are females receive additional benefits.

6) Birla Sun Life BSLI [email protected] Plan

Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance ranks among the best Life Insurance Companies in India. Their website offers the term insurance plan BSLI [email protected] It can be ordered online. The plan provides high coverage at very low costs.

All of us want the best for our families. This includes being able to protect them even when we’re not there. Protect @ Ease (BSLI) from Birla Sunlife Insurance (BSLI) can help you protect your family’s future, without compromising their dreams and goals.

BSLI makes insurance easy. With just a few clicks, you can get a simple, hassle-free insurance policy for your loved one. There are many options available when buying a term policy. These include the length of the process, the amount guaranteed, and many other factors. This strategy was created to suit your specific needs. This is often called the best Life Insurance Plan .

7) Max Life Online Plan Plus Basic Life Insurance

Max Financial Services Limited and Axis Bank Limited are partners in a joint venture known as Max Life Insurance Company Limited. Max Financial Services Ltd. is part of the Max Group, an Indian multibusiness corporation.

It is India’s best-selling life insurance . Max Life provides complete protection and long-term savings with its multichannel distribution network, which includes agencies and third-party partners.

The Company also offers the Max Life Online Term Plan Basic Life Insurance, which is a pure term plan. It meets your protection needs and provides high coverages at an affordable price.

8) LIC’s Jeevan Pragati Plan

The Jeevan Pragati Policy was introduced by the Life Insurance Corporation of India on February 3, 2016. This policy is one of the nonlinked endowment policies. The death benefit is increased every five year throughout the policy’s term.

LIC launched the third plan in 2016 following Jivan Labh and Jeevan Shikhar. The Jeevan Pragati policy can be purchased between 12 and 45 for those who are looking to insure. Minimum and maximum terms are respectively 12 and 20 years.

9) PNB MetLife Mera Term Plan

PNB Metlife Life Insurance Company is a partnership of many parties, including Metlife International Holdings LLC and Jammu and Kashmir Bank Limited.

Metlife International Holdings was formed in partnership with Punjab National Bank. The Company has extensive experience in both the financial and insurance sectors. Metlife International Holdings was founded as one of the first international insurance companies.

The business is present at 8000 locations to serve the clients, which includes banks and other financial institutions as well as the branches of the insurer.

10) Bharti Axa Life Elite Secure

AXA Group, an international investment-banking firm headquartered in Paris, has teamed up with Bharti AXA Life Insurance, an Indian conglomerate.

Bharti owns 74% of this joint venture’s stock, while AX has 26%. Bharti Enterprises, which was known as Bharti Airtel Limited established the telecom industry in India.

With over 70 million customers, it is India’s largest private sector provider of telecommunications services. There are traditional savings and protection plans, such as the Bharti AXA Life Elite Secure Plan. This plan provides life insurance coverage, as well as guaranteed yearly payouts to the family upon death or maturity.


These were the top ten life insurance policies in India. Additional benefits such as tax savings, tax advantages and wealth creation over the course of time are available with life insurance.

A good life insurance policy can provide savings and long-term protection.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended for educational purposes only. The securities/investments quoted here are not recommendatory.

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