Ajju Bhai (Total Gaming) Age, Face, Free Fire UID, Income, Wikipedia & More

Today, we will be learning about India’s largest Gaming YouTuber. It’s true, we will be learning about the Total Gaming YouTube channel and its owner. Total Gaming’s owner is Ajju Bhai.

Ajju Bhai is today’s most searched name on the internet. Ajjubhai has not yet revealed his face and we aren’t going to reveal Ajjubhai’s today.

Ajju Bhai (Total Gaming) Age, Face, Free Fire UID, Income, Wikipedia, Real Name, Net worth, and More

We don’t want to mislead anyone. If you only read this article for Ajju Bhai, you can skip the rest of this article. If you’re a fan Ajju Bhai and want to learn more about Ajju Bihari’s life and biography, we recommend that you stay with us.

Total Gaming, the YouTube channel you are watching, is also known as Ajju Bhai. His real name is Ajay. He is most well-known in the gaming community as Ajju Bhai.

Let’s talk about Ajju Bhai’s profession. We should mention that Ajju Bhai isn’t a full-time YouTuber despite being a huge YouTuber. Ajju Bhai is both a growth hacker and a software engineer.

Ajju Bhai Total Gaming
Ajju Bhai (Total Gaming)

Ajju Bhai does not have a YouTube channel. Ajju Bhai actually has five YouTube channels. All of these channels are focused on the gaming niche. All the channels are listed below, along with links.

Ajju Bhai Bio/Wikipedia

Real BaneAjay
NicknameAjju Bhai (Ajju Bhai 94)
Age24 years (in 2023)
Date of birth1998
BirthplaceAhmedabad (Gujarat), India
HometownAhmedabad (Gujarat)
ProfessionYouTuber and Freelncer
EducationDiploma (Com. Eng)
Free Fire ID, UID451012596
Free Fire NameAjjubhai94
Famous ForGaming (Free Fire)
Monthly Income20-25 Lakhs
Annual IncomeINR 1.90 To 2.5 Crores
Net Worth$2 Million+


Marital StatusUnmarried
AffairsNot known
GirlfriendNot known

Ajju Bhai’s Family

Father NameNot Revealed
Mother NameNot Revealed
Brother NameNot Revealed
Sister NameNot Revealed

Who is Ajju Bhai? Who Is Owner of Total Gaming?

Ajju Bhai, aka Ajay, is the owner of five YouTube channels including Total Gaming. The Total Gaming YouTube channel has 30.2 million subscribers and is India’s top-rated gaming channel. 

Ajju Bhai was 23 years old when he was born in 1998. According to 2021, Let’s tell you, Ajju Bhai was born at Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India’s most beautiful and largest city.

It was the same as normal childhood: going to school in morning, returning to school in afternoon, playing games, studying, and then going to bed. Since childhood, Ajju Bhai is a huge fan of reading books.

He wanted to be a software engineer as a child, so he applied to college for a diploma. He was considering leaving the college, and he was ready to go to a different college. He wasn’t getting the results he desired in that college, so he quit his college.

Ajju Bhai had a solid knowledge of software development while he was still in college. They didn’t have to work hard to find a job at a software company because of this.

Ajju Bhai had stated in one of his live streams, “I worked hard and created software that the company liked very much. So they offered me a position in their company and I was able to get a job within the company.”

Ajju Bhai, India’s largest gaming YouTuber, also works for a software company. You might be wondering why they have jobs, despite such a large YouTube channel.

Ajju Bhai is able to answer this question and you can also tell us by commenting below if you would like us to help you. You must also run your YouTube channel.

Ajju Bhai once decided to quit the software company. But, I don’t understand why he didn’t feel it was appropriate.

Ajju Bhai’s YouTube Career

Ajju Bhai made another U-turn in his own life during the final year of 2017. In 2018, they created two channels to share gaming videos on YouTube. Surprised to learn that Ajju Bhai created both channels simultaneously on 9 October 2018.

Did you ever wonder why Ajju Bhai knew from the beginning that YouTube would be his main platform? Ajju Bhai thought that he would upload Free Fire videos to his channel when he created it.

PUBG was the most popular game in India at that time. He started playing Free Fire that day and enjoyed great success. Ajju Bhai currently plays Call of Duty, PUBG and Free Fire on his YouTube channel, and continues to post his videos.

The 2019 Free Fire team traveled to Brazil and Indonesia. Ajju Bhai was also invited to join him, but due his office work, he couldn’t.

YouTube Channel and Social Media accounts Link


Ajju Bhai currently owns 5 YouTube channels, including

1. Total Gaming which currently has 30.1 millions subscribers. 

2. Ajjubhai gaming currently has 7.10 millions subscribers. 

3. Ajju Bhai has 605k subscribers.

4. Highlights has 945k subscribers.

5. The last one is TG Tournaments with almost 324k subscribers. Ajju Bhai created the 3 last YouTube channels in 2021.

You might think that Ajju Bhai would stop here. Ajju Bhai’s popularity is so great that he has many followers on social media.

Instagram has 3.3 Million followers. Facebook has 4.9million followers. Twitter has more than 108,123 followers.

Below are the links to all these accounts. You can click on them to Visit their profiles.

Total Gaming (YouTube).Visit Here
Ajjubhai Gaming (YouTube)Visit Here
Ajju Bhai (YouTube)Visit Here
TG Highlights (YouTube).Visit Here
TG Tournament (YouTube).Visit Here
InstagramVisit Here
FacebookVisit Here
TwitterVisit Here

Ajju Bhai’s Most Whached Youtube Video

The Most Commonly Asked Questions

What Time Does Ajju Bhai Show His Face?

A QNA video by Ajju Bhai states that he will make his face after 2023 or 2025. Not before.

Is Ajju Bhai really the voice people hear in his video?

Ajju Bhai claims that the voice in his video is his true voice. His voice is often criticized by many, but he has himself stated that it is authentic.

Why YouTube started by Ajju Bhai.

Ajju Bhai claims that there was once a boy at his office who played Free Fire. He replied Free Fire when they asked him what game it was. He didn’t have a mobile phone at the time, so he began playing Free Fire on his computer.

According to them, there was an anonymous streamer named JJ Bhai at the time who streamed Free Fire from his computer. Ajju Bhai spotted him playing live games and he took the game to his computer and began playing. This is how Ajju Bhai’s YouTube began.

Why is Ajju Bhai using the term Chimkandi?

He said that he heard the word and it had been in his head since then. Ajju Bhai said that he can use the name Chimkandi if someone pursues him while he’s playing a game. He can still speak Chimkandi even if he is killed by that person. Because his videos can also be seen by the family, this is why.

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